The Work-Study Employment System will open on May 13th for new students and June 3rd for returning students. You will have access to the site to search and apply for a job if you qualify for Work-Study and accept the Federal Work-Study offer in MyZou.

Please follow these instructions if you have been offered Federal Work-Study.
        1. Federal Work-Study offered on your Financial Aid Offer Letter,                                           
        2. Accepted Work-Study in myZou and completed Student Financial Aid "to do" items,
        3. Wait 48 hours after accepting to access this site.

        4. Student login: use your username (the letters and numbers prior to the @ sign in your email) and password


* Work Study Award questions? 
        contact Financial Aid Office

* Work Study Employment questions?
        contact  Work Study Employment

Employers, if you have questions, please contact Work Study Employment
Reminder: A student's hiring status should remain as "Pending" if you are planning to hire a student. You can update status to "Hired" on or after the first day of classes of the fall semester. 

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